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Ashlen Testimonial Link

Ashlen, a competitive gymnast, had a very large bunion on her foot. When it started to interfere with her gymnastics she went to the Spokane Foot Clinic and with the help of Dr. Porter and a short recovery time she was back in the gym training with minimal downtime.

Justin Testimonial Link

Justin was used to an active lifestyle until his pain became unbearable. After a visit to Dr. Hunt at the Spokane Foot Clinic, a plan was formulated and surgery was performed. A short time later, Justin is active again and says that everyday is a blessing.

Doctors Testimonial Link

A brief look at Dr Swanstrom, podiatry and the history of the Spokane Foot Clinic.

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Doctor Stewart

Brady Stewart

What's up Doc?

(Physician Spotlight)

Originally from the northwest (Shelley, ID to be exact), Dr. Stewart is happy to be back home. After finishing up his education and residency in Des Moines Iowa, Dr. Stewart, his wife and two children are ready to take advantage of the mountains, lakes, golf courses and all other outdoor activities that make this area amazing. With his love of the outdoors, it makes sense that Dr. Stewart has a special interest in conservative and surgical management of sports injuries of the foot and ankle which include fractures as well as tendon and ligament sprains/tears. No doubt this area is the perfect place for him to land and Spokane Foot Clinic is lucky to have him join the team. Welcome Dr. Stewart.